In our Introductory Webinar we explore what we mean by quality, look at three models of quality and examine why quality is high on the agenda for health services.

Webinar One

In Webinar One, Leading and Managing Quality, we consider the role of patients and the public, leadership and management, regulation and governance in improvement.

Webinar Two

In Webinar Two, Frameworks for Improvement, we look at commonly used improvement frameworks: the model for improvement, clinical audit, the plan-do-study-act (PDSA) cycle and significant event analysis (SEA): all involve systematic analysis of current practice, reflection on what we are trying to achieve and action to effect change.

Webinar Three

In Webinar Three, Quality Improvement Tools and Techniques, we look at the importance of processes and ways of analysing these. We then look at measurement for improvement and introduce you to the idea of statistical process control.

Webinar Four

In Webinar Four, Improving Individual Practice we discuss improvement at an individual level. Good systems can support better individual performance, but we also need to develop individual practice to improve effectiveness, safety and patient experience. We examine a model of practice and a model of competence which help us to understand the causes of good or poor practice. We also discuss how quality improvement techniques can be used to improve individual practice and how this can be incorporated into the appraisal process for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.


European Society for Quality and Safety in Family Practice (EQuiP)aimsto contribute to the achievement of high levels of quality and safety of care for patients in general practice in all European countries.

IHI Open School

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School provides students, residents, and faculty seom useful free online courses that teach the foundations of improvement, safety, system design, and leadership.

NHS Scotland Quality Improvement Hub

NHS Scotland Quality Improvement Hub provides a structured approach to support individuals and teams to test, implement and spread sustainable improvement across systems.